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Text Box: SB “JAMES PIPER” mark IV 
Flat Bottom ½” = 1 foot

Price: £85.00 + p&p

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The model represents the SB “James Piper”, a very fine barge launched in 1894 to win matches by J. R. Piper’s Greenwich yard.  She had long runs, fore and aft, to improve sailing performance.  This sailing ability was required in my model and I am happy to say this has proved the case. 

The model was produced by fully planking a curved solid forma to include raised outwhale/rubbing band, chine doubling, stem and sternpost with curved draught marks.  When a two-piece GRP mould was taken from this, all details were faithfully reproduced on the finished hull moulding.  This makes the model look like a well-painted plank on frame hull rather than plastic, an effect further enhanced by the addition of a secret substance to the gel coat that dulls the finish somewhat.

A special composite polyester foam/glass laminate backbone, complete with rustless metal tube, is fitted during manufacture to enable an external keel/lead weight to be fitted to ensure a good (and safe!) sailing performance and to provide extra strength to the barge’s flat bottom.

Every sailing barge, of course, has a work boat usually about 11’0” long, clinker planked.  I produced some moulds by the same process described above and a set of mouldings to make up into a workboat (with clinker plank detail) is included in the price of the hull.  With the addition of some scraps of 1/16” ply for the keel, thwarts etc and card or thin timber/bamboo to represent the timbers (ribs), this can be made into a model in its own right.  I include a pair of fully detailed leeboards as well.

The instruction leaflet sent with the hull explains the best way to fit inwhales, deck beams, deck stringers, hatches and the support for the mast case.  Each stage includes sketches and photographs.  I also include details of some of the best books, together with their authors, about full size barges to enable you to make your model authentic in every detail.  Most of the books are available from your local public library, although you might have to wait fro them to come in!